A Great Workout Doesn’t Need a Commute

The word workout brings to mind travel, gym bags, packed hot studios and aching muscles. These things end up being beneficial but for some people, the idea of getting up early, driving to one of these spaces, handling large groups of people and working through an hour can make the ‘snooze’ button look that much more appealing. But what if there was a way to avoid all of that and still get the benefits?

One of the biggest at-home workout equipment pieces to gain popularity had been the exercise cycle. With the ability to set up nearly anywhere and taking up a lot less space, bikes have become a great way to get in thirty minutes or an hour at some point during the day, even for busy people.

Why a Bike?

With the way exercise bikes are designed, they are a naturally low impact task, meaning that they put exceptionally low pressure on the joints. For people with pain conditions or just starting to work out, this is a great feature that does a lot to motivate. Also for those living in high-population areas, a stationary exercise cycle is a far safer alternative than actually going out on the road.

One great feature that may be overlooked is that bikes are a low skill activity. Anyone can have access to them, whether they are a riding veteran or a cycling novice. It has a low barrier to entry, meaning it is easy to pick up and learn without providing a steep learning curve. However, with the newer makes and models coming with distance meters, calorie counters and watts used, providing a slow increase of challenge is as simple as a button press. Being able to ride at a certain pace, for however long until more challenge is desired, can work wonders at turning the occasional ride into an everyday habit that quickly becomes a health-improving hobby.

Stay At Home, Get Results

For people with demanding lives, exercise isn’t the first thing on their minds. However, with a relatively low-cost investment, a fantastic workout can be as close as the next room and as easy as fifteen minutes a day. Turn on the TV or a phone, load a show or a favorite song and let the rest take care of itself.