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Things To Do When Driving Through Dust Storm To Help You Survive.

Dust storms or sandstorms appear mostly between the months of May and September. When driving and a dust storm appears, you cannot see far and it is not safe to continue driving.Dust storms have been known to cause accidents when they strike. If you are driving and a dust storm appears right in front of you, there are things you need to do to be safe from causing accidents. Here are safety tips for driving through a dust storm.

When you see a dust storm approaching, stay calm so that you can make the right decisions.Turn on your car radio and listen to the severity of the situation from the authorities.

dust storms will not allow you to move, so when you notice it appears the best thing is to pull over at the side of the road. It is rare not to notice the dust storm forming but if it does, reduce your speed and use the centre line to guide you a place you can pull over.

During dust storms, driver tend to follow lights, so when you pull over turn off your lights so that they do not bump into your car. It is not always safe inside the car and that is why it is advisable to always keep the safety belts on as you wait for the storm to pass.

Keep your radio on as you wait for the storm to pass, and follow up on how the situation is. As the visibility reduces, other drivers may not notice you, so keep sounding your horn at short intervals to notify them of your presence.

Take your time before returning to the road and be sure you have at least 300 feet visibility before driving again. For the sandstorm, heaps of sand are left on the road and It is advisable not to ride over the sand as it is unstable and it slides.Mostly, a dust storm is accompanied by a heavy downfall so be prepared for it.

Keep foodstuff and warm clothes at the back of your car during these months, to be on the safe side when the storm strikes.When the storm strikes, there is always congestion on the road and you can stay for hours before reaching your destination so be prepared.

As you take on the road again, keep listening to the radio for updates. The daily weather forecasts give you warnings of what may happen, so always check them before driving out. The storm takes a few minutes but it can have great impacts, so take proper safety measures to remain safe and save lives.Try as much as possible not to panic when you notice the storm because that is where mistakes begin.

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